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TRIS Pocket Square

100 years ago Dadaism revolutionized art with new techniques and pioneering materials, ranging from collages, montages and assemblages, to poster poems and voice concerts; Dadaists mixed objects, newspaper clippings, scrapes, pieces of rope and fabrics, dust, nails, all sorts of apparently casual objects or thrown away and delighted in combining them randomly into their works.

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  • Original artwork created exclusively for the Gagà Pochette collection.
  • Reproduced on 12 mommes twill silk, whose finish ensures softness and tightness of the fold.
  • The tipical 35×35 cm dimension (14×14 in) is suitable to enhance any type of look and was chosen for its versatility in pocket insertion.
  • The hand-finishing of hems and corners is manufactured with a roulé technique, with oblique and thin, almost invisible stitches.
  • Every single item is conceived in Milan and entirely produced on the shores of Como Lake, Italy.
  • Artwork: Gagà Pochette.


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