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OPIUM Blue Vision

“He wanted to create a place out of the world, beyond space and time; a garden desired in an “impossible” place, isolated and remote, difficult to reach and crossed by visions created by the opium that Fersen smoked in a secret room. His garden brought with it the idea of a “non-place”, of something suspended between the vanity of existence, the inconsistency of its ephemeral things and the life beyond life that is accessed through pain “. (Peter Zeller)

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  • Original artwork created exclusively for the Gagà Pochette collection.
  • Reproduced on 12 mommes twill silk, whose finish ensures softness and tightness of the fold.
  • The 40×40 cm size (16×16 in) satisfies any need for folding, whether you may need a point or a puff insertion, without deforming the breast pocket.
  • The magic of screen printing techniques revives in the production of our special editions.
  • The hand-finishing of hems and corners is manufactured with a roulé technique, with oblique and thin, almost invisible stitches.
  • Every single item is conceived in Milan and entirely produced on the shores of Como Lake, Italy.
  • Artwork: Gagà Pochette.


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