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ADA Cedar Green

“So we went one late May evening at Villa Lysis. We were, if I remember correctly, nine, ten, between men and women. The evening was warm and fragrant with roses, but dark as the moon would rise very late: the long, narrow, stony road carved into the mountain. I saw a gentleman, who was more or less forty years old; tall, blond, very perfect features and noble manners. Only the eyes could not define: elusive, as if they were not there”. (Ada Negri)

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  • Original artwork created exclusively for the Gagà Pochette collection.
  • Reproduced on 12 mommes twill silk, whose finish ensures softness and tightness of the fold.
  • The tipical 35×35 cm dimension (14×14 in) is suitable to enhance any type of look and was chosen for its versatility in pocket insertion.
  • The hand-finishing of hems and corners is manufactured with a roulé technique, with oblique and thin, almost invisible stitches.
  • Every single item is conceived in Milan and entirely produced on the shores of Como Lake, Italy.
  • Artwork: Gagà Pochette.


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